Amir Hakimi

Founder of Furnish the Homeless

Amir helped set the foundation for Furnish the Homeless as a sophomore at UCLA. His involvement in organizations including Swipe Out Hunger, The Mobile Clinic Project helped mold the platform by which Furnish the Homeless is run today. Amir is currently a medical student at Chicago Medical School with plans to provide his patients the same respect, loyalty, and care he provides the clients of Team Furnish.

Stephen Mendoza

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen is an aspiring social entrepreneur who has been involved with Furnish the Homeless
for over 3 years. Stephen studies Entrepreneurship and Economics at UCLA and he very passionate
about poverty alleviation and community service. Stephen looks to help scale Furnish the Homeless by
creating chapters in universities all over the nation. Stephen also likes to enjoy a healthy and active
lifestyle by weightlifting, running, and swimming.

Jake Mai

Chief Operating Officer

Jake studies Mathematics and Algorithms. This interest is backed by his fascination in processes and applications, which is suited for his role to run the operations of this organization. Jake hopes to help Furnish the Homeless accomplish its goals effectively and efficiently. On his spare time, he enjoys reading and cycling. 

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