Our furniture drives occur 3 times a year in December, March, and June. On average, furniture drives last 3-6 days, and are dependent on the number of individuals that have signed up to donate furniture
items. If expanded to universities in the semester system, there will be 2 drives, one in December and another in May.

Each day of the drive is divided into two halves. The morning shift is from 8AM-12PM and the afternoon shift is from 1PM-5PM. The morning shift requires 2-3 student volunteers with designated duties. One will be the driver and the driver will be in charge of driving the U-Haul van to student housing and directly to the addresses of the donors. Scheduling to pick up a U-Haul truck is to be done 2-3 days in advance, and the driver will be required to transport directly to the closest U-Haul truck rental and then pick up the additional two student volunteers from a predetermined pick-up spot. Another student volunteer will have the dual responsibility of directing the driver to the correct location and of communicating with donors in order to ensure that they know of their estimated time of arrival. It is required that this student volunteer have a charged cell phone in order to contact donors via call or text. Lastly, a third student volunteer will focus on the heavy duty lifting, as oftentimes, furniture is carried across long halls and down floors. It is required to thank the students for their donations and to ensure a friendly demeanor when in communication with our donors. In this time span, it is possible to have collected furniture from 4-5 housing units, as 45 minutes to 1 hour of time is allotted to driving to the address, parking, and collecting the furniture, and placing it safely into the U-Haul truck. Student volunteers may leave after a
morning shift or may continue and volunteer in the afternoon.

Similarly, the afternoon shift will require 2-3 student volunteers with similar responsibilities as the morning shift. One student volunteer will have the responsibility of driving the U-Haul truck to the housing units of our clients. Another student volunteer will contact the client directly and communicate with them estimated time of arrivals, and provide directions to the driver. Lastly, a third student volunteer will focus on the heavy lifting of the furniture items. It is imperative that all student volunteers act with sensitivity towards the experiences of the client, and reference our organization as “Team Furnish.” In this time span, it is possible to have donated furniture to 3-4 clients, as 1 hour to 1 hour and thirty minutes of time is allotted to the delivery of each client address. After the delivery of the last furniture item, it is required to safely return the U-Haul truck to the same location in which it was picked up. If the reservation was made for multiple days, park the U-Haul truck in a safe location for the following day’s drive. Any leftover furniture cannot be placed back into the streets, so ensure that each donation is gently-used and presentable to clients.

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